Vidja Games

As a composer, collaborating with artists of different mediums is some of my most enjoyable work. Any time two or more of the arts are integrated together, I feel the piece is stronger than if both parts existed individually. That's why I love working with video game developers because that medium is the intersection of visual art, music, narrative, and human interaction. Below are some examples of work I've done for Game Developers:

Sound Blog

Journaling and blogging is really interesting to me, although I do neither. To document an emotion or experience in a stream-of-conscious manner appeals a lot to what I love about jazz and improvised music. Somewhere between an improvisation and a composition, the journal entry is a concise snapshot into what a person is feeling at the time.

I always wanted to take this approach to music making and music writing. There are only two rules to my game: 

1) Have something to say. There’s nothing worse than someone talking who isn’t saying anything. And if you’re going to go through the efforts of writing something, at least have an idea of what it is you want to say.

2) Get it done in one session. Composition doesn’t have to be a time consuming process. Trying to complete a project in a few hours forces me to stay in the same frame of mind the whole time, and keeps me in check to make sure I’m telling the same story the whole time. 

The result is a couple of short etudes that I hope to do more of. I’d give some background, but that would defeat the purpose of it.

Up and Running

The inaugural post for the new website. Thank you for visiting. This blog will serve as an outlet for updates on projects, upcoming performances, demos, and interesting articles and thoughts that are worth sharing.

Most importantly, I’d like this blog to serve as a dialogue between visitors to the site and myself. I like writing and creating music, and since you’ve found your way here, maybe we have something in common. I invite you to leave a comment or send me a message directly in the Contact page.